ill titleSpeciality Gallery

Speciality - Speciality art is digitally enhanced photography that requires a considerable amount of time and talent to create. It is the merging of two or more photographs and client input is welcomed in order to create this beautiful form of digital enhancement. Client hobbies, interests and memorabilia is often used to personalize this very unique form of art. An additional one time art fee is charged for speciality work.


ill titleChildren, Maternity & Families Gallery

Children, Maternity & Families - This gallery features portraiture with infants, children, pregnancy and parent-child relationships. I like to be very flexible and open minded, especially when it comes to young children. I take as long as necessary to capture my images. Images are often retouched for imperfections.


ill titleBlack & White Gallery

Black & White Gallery - Some people prefer black and white photography for it's strong, graphic statement. Some photographs can be stronger compositions in black and white. All photographs are taken in color, and any can be converted to black and white at the client's request.


ill titleAdults & Teens

Adults & Teens Gallery - While my passion is young children, I also offer portraits of adults and teens. In addition to formal portraits, portraits of "who you are" can be very interesting. I encourage people to consider photographing themselves in settings or clothing that captures their interests.


ill titlePainted Portraits

Painted Portraits - This is the newest addition to my galleries. My painted portraits is an art form often known as "Paintography" meaning they are photographs that are digitally "painted." These portraits are not retouched but entirely painted using a variety of brushes in Photoshop. Some of the advantages of a painted portrait vs and original oil painting is that they are more affordable and reproducible. The result is a good likeness of the subject(s), in a more idealized and beautiful representation. I generally work with my own photography, but can paint a photograph that is not my own if it has the potential. If I use a photograph other than my own, I would require the written permission of the photographer. Printing on canvas is recommended. An additional one time art fee is charged for painted portraits.


ill titleIllustrations

Illustrations - I have often referred to myself as an artist who takes photographs, and being an artist is the core of who I am. In addition to photography, I am an experienced graphic designer and digital illustrator. I am fluent in Illustrator (a vector based digital illustration progrm) as well as Photoshop and InDesign.


ill titleAnimals

Animals - Actor WC Fields is credited with saying "never work with children or animals," but I happen to enjoy working with both in spite of the fact that animals and children require a lot of patience and energy. Trying to capture the beauty, soul or nature of an animal is something I thoroughly enjoy.